Vocational Evaluation Services

Vocational Evaluation Services with KCQ typically begins with a referral from the State of Minnesota Vocational Rehabilitation Services (VRS).  VRS provides funding for KCQ to Vocational Evaluation Services.   If you are not presently receiving services with VRS, KCQ can assist you with setting up an informational meeting with them.

Once a referral has been made to KCQ for a Vocational Evaluation a meeting will be scheduled with you and other team members that may be providing services to you such as a county case manager or a guardian or anyone else you feel would be important to have present.  At this meeting a customized evaluation plan will be developed to identify the purpose of the evaluation, what question the evaluation needs to answer, and what types of work you are interested in trying during the evaluation. After this meeting your Employment Coordinator will work on scheduling the evaluation sites.  Once the schedule is set you will be notified of the dates and times of the evaluation and transportation will be arranged if needed to get you to and from the assessment sites.  During the assessment KCQ staff will observe you trying out different tasks and will offer tips, training, and modeling to help you perform tasks to the best of your ability.  A KCQ staff will be present during each evaluation shift.  Evaluations are short-term work experiences that are completed within 25-40 work hours spread out over 2-5 weeks.  When all evaluation shifts are complete your KCQ Employment Coordinator will write up a summary of the evaluation and present it to you, your VRS counselor, and other team members you request to be present.  From that meeting you and your team will decide what the next step is in your vocational journey.  Examples of information that can be gathered through a Vocational Evaluation include the following.

  • Skills and abilities
  • Work tolerance
  • Social skills and interactions in the workplace
  • Hygiene
  • Dependability and punctuality
  • Learning style
  • Supports needed on the job
  • Type of work environment that would provide the best fit
  • Attention and focus on tasks
  • Supervision needed