Job Placement Services

Job Placement services with KCQ typically begins with a referral from the State of Minnesota Vocational Rehabilitation Services (VRS).  VRS provides funding for KCQ to provide job placment services.   If you are not presently receiving services with VRS, KCQ can assist you with setting up an informational meeting with them.

Once a referral has been made to KCQ for job placment services a meeting will be scheduled with you and other team members that may be providing services to you such as a county case manager or a guardian or anyone else you feel would be important to have present.  At this meeting a customized plan will be developed to guide job placement services. After this meeting you will meet with your KCQ Employment Coordinator a minimum of one time per week until employment is found and you have accepted a job offer.  The following are examples of things you might be doing at those weekly meetings with KCQ Employment Coordinators:

  • Searching for jobs
  • Contacting employers to inquire about job openings and types of jobs offered by phone or going to the business
  • Completing applications and creating a resume and cover letter(s)
  • Making follow-up calls to employers to inquire about resumes submitted
  • Practicing interviews
  • Going to job interviews
  • Providing information to the Employment Coordinator so they can get to know you better
  • Discussing various types of work and likes and dislikes to assist in obtaining the right job match
  • Completing job logs to track places applied and interviewed
  • Discussing if, when, and how to disclose information about your disability to potential employers and what job accommodations might be needed.

After you have accepted a job KCQ's support continues until your employment has been stable for at least 90 days.  During this time period KCQ will check in with you weekly to see how your job is going and provide the following services if needed:

  • Assistance completing pre-employment paperwork
  • Assistance arranging any job accommodations necessary.  This may include a set work schedule, additional training, KCQ providing job coaching, or working with the store to help facilitate communication between you and supervisors
  • Follow-up contact with your supervisor for feedback on your job performance

Additionally, during the first 3-4 months of your employment KCQ will also discuss with you additional services that may be needed or you might benefit from such as any job coaching beyond that time period or long-term employment supports.  If no further supports are needed after 3-4 months on the job then your KCQ Employment Coordinator will let you know when KCQ will be phasing out and you will continue in your employment.