Job Coaching Services

Job Coaching Services with KCQ typically begin with a referral from the State of Minnesota Vocational Rehabilitation Services (VRS) or a county case manager. Both counties and VRS can provide funding for KCQ to provide job coaching services.   If you are not presently receiving services with VRS or case management services from a county, KCQ can assist you with setting up an informational meeting with either entity.

Once a referral has been made to KCQ for job coaching services a meeting will be scheduled with you, the funding agency, and other team members that may be providing services to you or anyone else you feel would be important to have present.  At this meeting we will discuss your employment and specific areas where you want support.  The next step will be to meet with you and your employer to discuss the coaching and get feedback from them on areas they would like to see further development.  A KCQ job coach will then come to your job site and spend some time observing and learning what you do at your job.  Next the job coach will provide support, coaching, and training in areas identified by you and your employer.  Job coaching can be intensive for your entire shift or may be sporadic during days and times where you are experiencing some challenges. Job coaching can be short-term until you and your employer feel you are satisfactorily performing your job, or may be for a longer period if more time and training is needed for you to build upon your skills and become proficient at all job tasks.  A few examples of  areas where job coaching can be helpful include:

  • Learning or developing a routine
  • Creating and using task lists
  • Improving quality on job tasks
  • Increasing work pace
  • Improving coworker relations and social skills
  • Learning new tasks or a new position
  • Developing social skills and improving coworker relations or customer service

When job coaching services are nearing the end KCQ will discuss with you additional services that may be needed or you might benefit from such as long-term employment supports.  If no further supports are needed then your KCQ Job Coach will let you know when KCQ will be phasing out and ending services.