Can you answer yes to any of the following questions? If so KCQ can help!

Do you want to work, but have a disability that makes it a challenge to find, keep, or learn the tasks of a job?  KCQ can help!

Do you know exactly what you want to do, but are having trouble landing that perfect job? KCQ can help!

Are you unsure of what type of jobs might be of interest to you or what careers to pursue?  KCQ can help!

Are you unaware of your job-related skills, abilities, and strengths? KCQ can help!

Are you having trouble creating a resume or filling out applications? KCQ can help!

Do you want assistance preparing for an interview or perhaps someone to attend interviews with you? KCQ can help!

Are you already employed, but are having difficulty mastering job tasks, remembering all of your job tasks, staying focused at work, or have other concerns about your job?  KCQ can help!

Did you get a new supervisor and manager that is not providing the support or accommodations that helped you be successful in the past?  KCQ can help!

Do you experience occasional difficulty at work and would like someone to turn to when problems arise? KCQ can help!

At KCQ we believe in you!  We believe you have unique skills, abilities, and talents that should be put to work out in the community in which you live.  Your success is important to us and we strive to help you define existing skills and abilities and develop others that will help you plan for a future career, land that job, or maintain an existing job. Those services include:

Job Placement:  Providing you support and assistance through the job search, application, and pre-employment process through the first several months of employment.

Vocational Evaluation: Identifying your work-related interests, skills, abilities, work habits, supervision and support needs, and other vocational areas in question to help you plan for your future career.

Job Coaching:  Assisting you with learning job tasks, developing a work routine and task list, learning company policies and procedures, developing natural supports or any other area identified by you and your employer.

Long-Term Employment Supports: Providing support as long as needed to assist you with maintaining employment through regular contact with you and your employer and assisting you with addressing any work-related questions or concerns that arise.