Have You Ever?

Have you ever had a candidate for a job that you were unsure of hiring?

Have your ever spent time and labor dollars training a new employee that just didn’t work out for whatever reason?

Have you ever wished you had a list of qualified applicants?

Have you ever wished you had an extra set of eyes to help trouble shoot employment problems?

Have you ever wished you could “try out” an employee before actually hiring?

Have you ever wished you had extra funding for training a new employee?

How Can KCQ Help You?

KCQ, Inc. facilitates the hiring process by directly presenting motivated and qualified individuals for your consideration. As an employer you benefit from hiring people with disabilities for several reasons including: being eligible for a Tax Credit for your company and having an opportunity to access other incentive program through the State of Minnesota Vocational Rehabilitation Services.

Once an individual has been hired KCQ can provide job coaching, training, and job related counseling to that individual until an employer is satisfied with the individual's job performance.